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Production Management Dr. Swati Modi Unit 1 Meaning, objective, scop, concept of production system, classification, concept of Automation,types and advantages of automation, Difference between manufacturing operations and service operations ,Classification of industries Unit 2 Meaning of plant location, need, factor affecting plant location Meaning of layout, principles, types of layout: Product, Process, Service layout , Concept of quality, Deming’s principles of quality, six sigma and its process.,Concept of Kaizen, 3 guiding principles, activities falling under the Kaizen umbrella
Prof. Pinal Barot Unit 3 Meaning of Material Handling,Principles of material handling, factors affecting material handling,Factors affecting MH equipment, Types of MH Equipment, Meaning, functions of stores and Factors affecting sore layout, Unit 4 Inventory magt Unit 4 Purchasing Management,types and process of purchasing, principle of purchasing, Unit 5 Waste Management
Principles of Economics (Macro) Prof. Vrinda Dave Unit: 1 Introduction to macroeconomics.
Unit: 3 Role, Money, Banking and monetary policy
unit: 2 Keynesian Theory,
Unit: 4: Macro Economic Issues.
Prof. Swati Modi,
Prof. Pooja Sharma
Unit: 5 Balance of Payment Overview -
Fundamentals of Marketing Dr. Vineeta Unit 1: Discovering marketing management Unit 2: The role of Marketing Research, Marketing & Segmentation strategies, Unit 4: Pricing, Various approaches, Place, Channel Function & Flows
Prof. Sonal Gogri Unit 3: Marketing Mix / The 4 P’s, Product Life Cycle, Brand Equity, Branding Decisions Unit 5: Promotion, Promotion mix, Principles of Personal Selling
Introduction to Financial Markets & Institutions Prof. Shreeda Shah Unit:3 Money Market & Debt Market Unit:4 Financial Institution
Dr. Himani Sardar Unit: 1 Introduction to Indian Financial System & Unit:4 Nationalisation of Banks Unit:4 Privatisation of Banks & Unit:5 Venture capitalist
Prof. Minouti Jani Unit 2 Capital Markets Unit:5 NSDL and demutualisation
Business Ethics Prof. Pooja Sharma Unit‐1 Introduction of Business Ethics Unit‐5Business Ethics & Functional Areas(HR),Unit‐4CSR I
Prof. Pinal Barot Unit‐3 Ethical Decision Making Unit‐5 Business Ethics & Functional Areas(Marketing & Finance)
Prof. Minouti Jani Unit‐2 Ethics: Individual & the Organization Unit‐ 4 CSR II
Basics of Communication and Personality Development Dr. Tejal Jani Unit‐1 & 2 Unit 3, 4 & 5

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