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Macro Economics Prof. Kuldeep Ahuja Different thoughts, Macro Economics basics, national income and circular flow. Stock and flow concept ans some other concept. Methods of measurement Niand difficulties. Unit 2 Keynsian consumption function, investment function , investment, tax, foreign trade, balance budget multiplier, union budget and fiscal policy. Money, Banking and Monetary Policy, commercial banks, credit creation process, RBI and monetary policy. Balance of payment overview and Macro economics issues, business cycle, Unemployment and poverty.
Financial Market & Intermediaries Prof. Shreeda Shah Unit:3 Money Market & Debt Market Unit:4 Financial Institution
Prof. Himani Sardar Unit: 1 Introduction to Indian Financial System & Unit:4 Nationalisation of Banks Unit:4 Privatisation of Banks & Unit:5 Venture capitalist
Prof. Minouti Jani Unit 2 Capital Markets Unit:5 NSDL and demutualisation
Marketing Management II Prof. Vineeta Gangal Unit 1: What is Marketing, What is Marketed, Who Markets, Marketing Process, Marketing as a Managerial Function, Companies’ orientation towards the market place, Fundamental marketing concepts, trends and taste, Managing the Marketing Effort Unit 2: The role of Marketing Research, When should marketing research be conducted, Buying Behaviour, consumer decision making process, Industrial Buyer Behaviour, Difference between IM & CM, Industrial buying process, Marketing & Segmentation strategies, Target Market Selection Unit 4: Pricing, Various approaches, Place, Channel Function & Flows, Channel Integration
Prof. Sonal Gogri Unit 3: Marketing Mix / The 4 P’s, Product Levels, Product Classifications, Product Life Cycle, Brand Equity, Branding Decisions, Packaging, labelling, warranties and guarantees Unit 5: Promotion, Promotion mix, Strengths and weakness of each promotional element, Principles of Personal Selling
Fundamentals of Communication Dr. Tejal Jani Basics I & Basics of II Writing Strategies, Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business Ettiqutes
Production Management Prof. Swati Modi Unit 1 Introduction to Production Management Unit 2 Plant location and Layout, Six sigma and Kaizen
Prof. Pinal Barot Unit 3  Material handling & Store management & Unit 4 Inventory management Unit 4 Purchasing Management,types and process of purchasing, principle of purchasing, Unit 5 Waste Management
Business Ethics Prof. Pinal Barot Unit 2 Individual and organisational & Unit 3 Ethical decision making Unit 3 Ethical decision making & Unit 5 Business ethics and functional areas
Prof. Pooja Sharma Unit 1 Introduction to business ethics Unit 4 CSR
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