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Planned Syllabus
Sem - I
Subject Name of Professor Targeted Topics
June-August August-October
Fundamentals of Management Prof Pooja Sharma Unit-2 Planning and decision making Unit-4 (Directing) Motivation
Dr. Vineeta Gangal Unit:1 Introduction to Management Unit:4 Directing (Leadership)
Prof Sonal Gogri Unit:3 Organising Unit:4 Controlling
Economics Dr Shefali Dani Unit:2 Demand concept Unit:4 Markets
Prof Kuldeep Ahuja Unit:1 Inroduction Unit:3 remaining
Unit:3 Cost, Product function Unit:5 Distributive theories
Fundamentals of Accounting Prof Shreeda Shah Unit: 3 Accounting of Non- Profit making organisation Unit: 4 Departmental Accounts
Prof Himani Sardar Unit: 1 Introduction to Financial Accounting Unit:2 Final Accounts of Sole Propreitorship
Unit:2 Final Accounts of Sole Propreitorship Unit:5 Accounting for Hire Purchase
Business Mathematics Prof Neha Shroff Set theory (upto algebra) Set theory (cartesian product), Limit
Prof Maitrey Bhagat Function; Permutations Combinations; Matrices; Diferenciation
Fundamentals of Financial Management Dr Swati Modi Unit:3 Short term Finance Decisions-I;
Unit:4 management of cash
Unit:5 Inventory Management
Prof Minouti Jani Unit:1 Inroduction Unit:2 Financing Decisions
English Dr Tejal Jani Unit: 1, 4 & 5 Unit: 2 & 3
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