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Student of the Year (2014-17) Batch

One thing which I have learned from GLSIBA is the importance of participation. Whether you win or lose, just participate once. You will learn more about yourself. From day one in the college, it has been all about learning: learn to express yourself, learn to tell your views, learn to explore, learn to keep learning.

I remember me, three years back as a low confident and shy girl. But life at GLS institute has been all about going beyond your comfort zone and reaching new heights. In GLS, each day was a constructive day. These three years of my life had made me better and stronger. In a summarized way, I can say that GLS is that chapter of the book of my life which has taught me preeminent lessons.

Life at GLS Institute is a perfect blend of academics, co-curriculum activities, fun and love.

Medha Kumari
(2014-17 Batch)

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